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AANA Class A CE Credits: NBCRNA CPC Exam and Core Module Alignment

Encore Symposiums works closely with their experienced faculty and relevant credentialing bodies to ensure that the latest trends and requirements in CRNA continuing education are met.

All Encore Symposiums are designed to meet the new CPC (Continuing Professional Certification) and AANA Class A and Class B credit requirements. As the programs are approved by the AANA, they are posted on the Encore Symposiums Accreditation Page, along with the number of Pharmacology/Therapeutic CE Credits associated with each meeting.

Encore Symposiums has partnered with their acclaimed faculty to categorize the schedule of topics by their relevancy to the NBCRNA Core Modules and prepare for the CPC Exam. All programs are designed to align with the topics and learning objectives of the NBCRNA Core Modules, specifically in the four domains of Airway Management Techniques, Applied Clinical Pharmacology, Human Physiology/Pathophysiology, Anesthesia Equipment & Technology.

Each Encore Symposium Program Schedule indicates the relevance of each topic to the NBCRNA Modules, the future CPC Examination, and credits applicable for APRN renewal such as Pharmacology, Legal Issues, HIV/AIDS and Lyme Disease.

More with Encore!

We provide personalized service in exciting destinations. You really do get more with Encore!

  • CRNA-Centric Seminars. The core faculty is primarily CRNAs who are focused on the advancement of knowledge and practice for CRNAs.
  • Earn up to three hours of complimentary Class A CE Bonus Credits at most symposiums!
  • Experienced Faculty. Presentations include the latest in technology and best practices in clinical anesthesia.
  • Presentations by renowned anesthesia leaders and today's academic visionaries
  • NBCRNA Core Content. Topics are strategically aligned with the NBCRNA Modules and focused on CPC Exam preparation.
  • Exceptional Discounts. Specially discounted rates for each venue, including travel, accommodations, and activities.
  • Fabulous Receptions. Attendees and their guests are welcome to relax and mingle at a complimentary reception at each seminar.
  • Up to thirty-three (33) Prior Approval ANNA Class A CE Credits at selected destinations!
  • New! A two-day AANA Prior Approved CPC Review offering 12 Class A CE Credits in sunny Naples, Florida! This review combined with the Encore four-day Naples conference provides up to 33 Class A Credits!
  • New! A one-day Pharmacology CPC Review Course in 4 destinations.
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  • Immediate processing post-symposium of earned CE Credits to the AANA
  • Well organized schedule allowing leisure time for family-friendly adventures
  • An opportunity to win a complimentary Encore Symposium Scholarship to a future Encore Symposium of your choice
  • A $50 Discount Certificate which can be applied to a future Encore Symposium
  • Special student (SRNA) discounts
  • Attend seven (7) Encore Symposiums and receive a complimentary tuition to a future Encore Symposium!

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