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Encore... NBCRNA / CPC Exam Made Easy!

Encore Symposium is ready to prepare YOU for passing the CPC Exam!

Get ready for the CPC Exam with Encore: The Founder of the CPC Exam Review!

Encore Symposiums is the leading anesthesia CE provider in preparing CRNAs for the NBCRNA/CPC Exam. We are proud to be the pioneer in introducing the CPC Exam Review in multiple destinations, since March 2018. Due to the unparalleled dynamics of this course, and to provide an optimal, engaging learning experience, the Encore CPC Exam Review is not offered virtually. Prepare for the CPC Exam with the founder and leader of CPC Exam Reviews in person with Encore Symposiums!

Enjoy our unique, interactive, and lively prep course that will lead you to a successful CPC exam! Each attendee has an opportunity to receive individualized and personal attention from the faculty to review CPC Exam concepts. Team up with your colleagues and reflect on the knowledge gained while enjoying a relaxing weekend at a premier destination. On day one, receive the latest NBCRNA/CPC Update provided by an NBCRNA representative as bonus credit. Day two culminates with a relaxed team approach and fun-filled "Mock CPC Exam," offering an open dialogue and practice questions that are developed from the NBCRNA objectives.

This two-day review is offered prior to our four-day conferences. Combine the CPC Exam Review with an Encore Symposium, at the same destination, and earn up to 34 Class A CE Credits. This engaging, collaborative course offers a warm and low-stress learning environment. The CPC review is strategically designed to align with the learning objectives of the NBCRNA Core Modules; Airway Management, Applied Clinical Pharmacology, Human Physiology/Pathophysiology, and Anesthesia Equipment & Technology. The review course will enable the learner to successfully prepare to meet the challenges of the CPC Exam from the novice to the seasoned anesthesia provider.

Upcoming 2021 CPC Exam Reviews: Prior Approved by the AANA

Naples 2021 CPC Exam Review: March 13-14 - Naples, FL
Hilton Head Island 2021 CPC Exam Review: April 24-25 - Hilton Head, SC
New England 2021 CPC Exam Review: October 9-10 - Cape Neddick ME
Sedona 2021 CPC Exam Review: November 6-7 - Sedona, AZ

Limited Seating at all destinations!

Encore Symposiums Incorporates the NBCRNA / CPC Module Coding

AM = Airway Management
ACP = Applied Clinical Pharmacology
HPP = Human Physiology and Pathophysiology
AET = Anesthesia Equipment and Technology

Topics and the relevancy to the module domains are included in each Program Schedule and in the Downloadable Program Brochures found in the lower-right-hand corner of each symposium 'Overview' page.

Encore Symposiums guarantees that all lectures meet the CPC Class A requirements. To learn more about the CPC Program and the requirements for Class A and Class B Credits Click Here.

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