Encore... NBCRNA CPC Exam Made Easy!

Coming in March 2018... Plunge into a crash CPC Exam Prep Course at one of Encore's choice destinations.

This 2-day course will be offered prior to our 4-day winter getaway in Naples, Florida. Enjoy this dynamic and lively beachfront prep course that will lead you to a successful CPC exam! The content is crafted to align with the topics and learning objectives of the NBCRNA Core Modules, specifically in the four domains of Airway, Pharmacology, Physiology/Pathophysiology, Anesthesia Equipment & Technology.

Participants will have the opportunity to double-up on their credits while enjoying diverse topics centered on exam preparation. Combine the CPC Prep Course "Sun & Sand: A Crosswalk to the Exam" to earn up to 33 hours of credit!

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More Destinations Where You Can Double-Up and Get More Bang for Your Buck!

Combine the Naples Sun & Sand: A Crosswalk to the CPC Exam and the Naples & Everglades National Park 4-day conference and earn up to 33 hours of credit! Scheduled March 3-4, and March 5-8, 2018.

Combine Red Rock & Grand Canyon Symposium plus the Ultrasound Workshop to earn 29 Class A CE Credits! Scheduled November 4 and November 5-9, 2017.

Get CPC Exam Ready with Encore!

Encore Symposiums works closely with predominantly an all CRNA faculty and the nurse anesthesia credentialing bodies to ensure that the latest trends and NBCRNA requirements are met. Encore Symposiums consistently includes a well-balanced schedule of topics strategically aligned with the NBCRNA Core Modules to ensure that the anesthesia provider will be well prepared for the CPC examination process.

Encore Symposiums guarantees the anesthesia provider that all lectures meet the new required CPC Class A requirements as set forth by the NBCRNA.

The 2017 program schedules utilize the NBCRNA / CPC Examination and Module Primary Classification Coding:

AM = Airway Management

ACP = Applied Clinical Pharmacology

HPP = Human Physiology and Pathophysiology

AET = Anesthesia Equipment and Technology

Topics and the relevancy to the module domains are included in each Program Schedule and in the Downloadable Program Brochures found in the lower-right-hand corner of each symposium 'Overview' page.

The new Learner Assessment and Program Evaluation, a Class A CE Credit requirement set forth by the CPC Facts, is provided at every Encore Symposiums and can be downloaded prior to the conference.

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