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Recent Reviews from CRNAs

This was the best conference I have attended in my 40 years. Loved the speakers! They were wonderful people. I passed my test and now have my credits but wouldn’t hesitate to attend another encore. It was all great and thank you again for taking my reservation over the phone and helping me get the group rate. You are fabulous. - Naples CPC Exam Review 2024

— Catherine Lumpkin, CRNA - Georgetown, SC

I wanted to YELL a gigantic THANK YOU!! The CPC was stress-free thanks to you. I passed it with ease and so did my new-found friend from the conference. Your notes and practice tests were spot-on. I did have a few questions about Cushings and porphyria that I had to dig out of the dusty corners of my brain, but everything else had been freshly reviewed from your notes. You guys are a blessing. I am so thankful to have this behind me. See you all at future conferences! - Charleston CPC Exam Review 2023

— Sandra Corry, CRNA - Hixson, TN

The Charleston Review course was FANTASTIC! Excellent review for an exam or if someone wants to brush up. The choice of the Charleston Place was excellent. The hotel was beautiful and so accommodating. Great Choice! All three speakers (Kimberly, Ryan, and Mark) I cannot praise them enough. They are truly experts in their field. We were lucky to have them for the 3 days. I will recommend this course to my colleagues. - Charleston CPC Exam Review 2023

— Rita Donovan, CRNA - Fort Mill, SC

Nancy, this conference was excellent in every way! The hotel and location were amazing, the instructors were great, and the information was very thorough! I’m so grateful that you had an opening for me to attend! I feel so much more confident taking the exam. Thank you for all you do. Warmest Regards and Merry Christmas - Charleston CPC Exam Review 2023

— Christine Theophilopoulos, CRNA - Newport Richey, FL

Hello Nancy, I attended the Palm Springs CPC Exam Review. I took the exam this morning, and wanted to let you and the team that I “met the performance standard.” Thanks for all Encore does for the CRNA community. - Palm Springs CPC Exam Review 2023. Congratulations Shelley!

— Shelley Pinson, CRNA - Roanoke, TX

Nancy, I had the pleasure of attending your most recent CPC Exam Review class at Hammock Beach Golf Resort in Palm Coast, Florida. Ryan, Kim, and Mark were all outstanding lecturers. I know you are well aware of what bright stars they all are. The material they presented was concise, applicable, and well-put-together. Their tips and lectures genuinely have given me the confidence to tackle this head-on. I am a CRNA of 39 years and I can honestly say that this past encore review was by far the best the CE I have ever attended. Thank you for making this available to my beloved profession. You and your Team make me proud to be in this profession. Thank you for all you do for us. - Palm Coast CPC Exam Review 2023 Note: Bruce notified Encore that he passed the exam on May 20th. Congratulations Bruce!

— Bruce Arakelian, CRNA - Charlotte, NC

This conference was probably one of the best meetings live ever attended in 31 years! Topics were relevant and speakers were extremely knowledgeable and made it easy to listen. - Spring on Hilton Head Island 2023

— Cynthia Crowther, CRNA - Beaufort, SC

I attended the CPC review in Destin, and I have to say, I am so glad I was there. I have since taken the CPC assessment (3 days after I returned home), and I "passed." I'm not sure that would have happened if I had not taken the review. I don't work in a hospital setting anymore and have been a practicing CRNA for 46 years, and I picked up so much useful info at the meeting. I just wanted to say thanks! - Destin CPC Exam Review 2023 - Congratulations Joy!

— Joy Aker, CRNA - Columbia, MD

Thank you, Nancy. It was a great conference. I just took the CPC exam today and passed! - Charleston Holiday CPC Exam Review 2022 - Congratulations Amy!

— Amy Sayess, CRNA - Cornelius, SC

I attended the CPC Review course at Bar Harbor this fall. I am so grateful to you and your program. The information you provided absolutely made a difference for me to pass the exam. The Encore team was spot-on with the information necessary to pass the exam, from general information to specific question content. I took the exam yesterday and passed the entire thing. I could not have done it without you! Thank you so much! - Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park 2022 - Congratulations Julie!

— Julie Steele, CRNA - Concord, NH

I attended your review course at the Chatham Bars Inn in September. I want to let you know that I've since taken and passed the exam, and I found the review course extremely helpful. The instructors were great, and the course content was right on target. The venue was perfect too. Thank you! I look forward to attending another Encore seminar this year. - Cape Cod CPC Exam Review 2022 - Congratulations Jeffrey!

— Jeffrey Winacoo, CRNA - Holden, MA

I just wanted to formally Thank you for helping me to pass the CPC exam. The review in Cape Cod was so helpful both for the exam and for everyday practice. I have been to other reviews that were much longer and drawn out. This review was PERFECT! I felt like I went to anesthesia school on a weekend! It gave me a concise view of myself and where my areas of weakness were. While I was at the conference hearing Kevin speak gave me the push and confidence to book my exam. I dread taking tests and am a busy mom and full-time CRNA. The review was PERFECT! PERFECT! It really was what I needed to push myself to organize my personal studies and review and take it! I can't thank you enough. The speakers were fun, pleasant real, and so helpful. The venue was beautiful and although the weather wasn't the greatest we had a wonderful time. This is my second conference with you/Encore and I hope to travel and learn with you again! Thank you so much! I owe you one Big Thank you!! - Cape Cod CPC Exam Review 2022 - Congratulations Kathleen!

— Kathleen Saunders MS, CRNA - Rutland, VT

I attended your CPC review course in Bar Harbor in October of this year, then passed the CPC exam on November 4th! Your review course was tremendously helpful! Thank you and Happy Holidays & Happy 2023! - Bar Harbor CPC Exam Review 2022. Congratulations Judi!

— Judi Connell, CRNA - Watertown, MA

Thank you for the Acadia 2022 CME! I was fortunate to share this experience with my wife and daughter. You facilitated a great educational meeting and the best fall I have ever experienced!! This is my favorite time of the year. My family and I had a great experience!! Thank you again. I’m looking forward to my next meeting. Terrific speakers as well. - Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park 2022

— Johnny Sacco, CRNA, CAPT, NC, USN - NOSC Fort Worth, TX

This is my first time at an Encore event. This has been a great conference! The speakers are top-notch, more than just a 1-5 numbering! The lineup of topics has kept me in my seat more than at a typical conference. - Sedona Encore CPC Exam Review 2022 and Sedona Red Rock & Grand Canyon Adventure 2022.

— Jeff Eikange, CRNA - New Ulm, MN

Great review, I enjoyed and found this more informative than most regular seminars, practical and applicable information for real practice. Not just academic. - Hilton Head Island CPC Exam Review 2022

— Leanne Smith, CRNA - Concord, NC

All the instructors spoke well and had obvious great knowledge of their content material. They were friendly, welcoming and accessible. - Naples Encore CPC Exam Review 2022

— Cynthia Howlett, CRNA - Osprey, FL

This is my very first Encore Symposium course and it was steller!!! All faculty, speakers were great-easy to understand, kept my attention, and challenges my rural practice! Great organization of classes, times and facility. Will definitely be attending annually! Best course I have ever attended. GREAT TOPICS! - Charleston Harbor-Front Sanctuary 2022

— Robyn Mann, CRNA - Marshfield, MA

Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend a great meeting with very informative topics and excellent speakers. You have a wonderful group of presenters that make the time spent in the meetings very enjoyable. Kudos to you for creating wonderful meetings and great destinations in such a professional environment. Best to you in the future and continue the great meetings for our future CRNAs. I will miss attending these meetings. - Naples & Everglades National Park Escape 2022

— Bonnie Pawuk, CRNA - Coraopolis, PA

I have attended two Encore Symposiums. The first was in-person Palm Springs/February 2020. I enjoyed the quality, caliber, content, and variety of the conference so much that I looked forward to planning my next opportunity to attend an Encore conference. I was especially impressed that all lectures were given by exceptionally intelligent, practicing CRNAs who provided a dynamic learning experience and that the content presented was applicable to clinical practice. This week I attended the Sedona/November 2020 "Live Virtual Conference". This particular conference was made completely virtual due to Covid. This was a very wise and much-appreciated decision on Encore's part given the times we are living in. While I was disappointed, I did not have the opportunity to interact with CRNA peers from all over the country, I applaud Encore for making the transition to virtual nearly seamless. Nancy was especially helpful in reaching out to all attendees. Instructions regarding logistics were clear and once again, the speakers were of the same high caliber presenting much appreciated, useful content in a format that allowed questions, answers, and comments. I have attended many anesthesia conferences in my 30 years as a CRNA and rank Encore at the very top. - November 2020 Sedona LIVE Virtual Conference

— Marge Bertman-Reed, CRNA - Danville, CA

I attended my first ever CRNA conference other than my local state conferences this past October. The Encore Symposium is one of the best conferences, I have attended. The topics were relevant, and the speakers were fantastic. I learned so much from each speaker, and I am bringing back so much knowledge to my practice that will only advance my practice to the next level. Thank you so much for putting on such a great conference.- Bar Harbor LIVE Virtual Conference 2020.

— Jon Brunott, CRNA - Columbus, NE

I recently attended a webinar conference, held with Zoom, presented by Encore Symposium on October 19-22, 2020. The expertise of their presenters was stellar. All were CRNAs with their DNP. One presenter was from the NIH and gave excellent information on COVID-19 history, pathophysiology, and management. Another was a former board member of the NBCRNA and spoke of the CPC requirements and answered all questions and clarified misunderstandings about the requirements. The Zoom meeting could not have been easier. I already had ZOOM on my computer. The Saturday before the conference, an email was sent with a link to each day's conference. I only had to click on the link to bring me straight to the conference presenter. Encore set it up without video of the participants, just audio. So…I enjoyed the conference without having to ”get ready”. There was extra time at the end of each session for questions and answers. I will continue to attend Encore’s conference because of its high-quality presenters and killer destinations (this was supposed to be in Bar Harbor, Maine & Acadia National Park). Hoping to see old friends at next years conference in Cape Neddick, Maine at the Cliff House. - October 2020 Bar Harbor LIVE Virtual Conference

— Bernadett Guy Marshall, CRNA - Maryville, IL

Knowing we all have education commitments to accomplish, the Encore Anesthesia staff have been a shining star in a sea of darkness. The office and the lines of communication remain open and questions are answered by a real person. Thank you for providing that service in the most tumultuous times. It is greatly appreciated. - CRNA - November 2020 Sedona LIVE Virtual Conference.

— Karen Garrett, CRNA - Hickory, NC

I attended my first “webinar conference” this past week; Encore Symposium Aug 3-6, 2020. While I prefer an in-person conference, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it was done and how easy it was to participate. I think attendees were more apt to participate and dialogue in an on-line “chat” discussion vs. in-person at a face-to-face conference. I will strongly consider the webinar venue again. I have attended several and often recommended Encore Symposiums to other colleagues. Nancy always has excellent speakers and a wonderful potpourri of interesting topics and when in person, the venue is unmatched. My favorite portion of the Encore’s conference is always the legal presentations. The attorney speakers are consistently phenomenal.- August 2020 LIVE Virtual Conference

— Rebecca Bidinotto, CRNA - North Royalton, OH

Nancy, Thank you so much for making this online learning seminar happen. Well done as usual, with excellent speakers! - Charleston Live Webinar 2020

— Kimberly Rupp-Montpetit - New London, MN

I can not thank you and Encore enough for taking on this webinar. It went off seamlessly. The topics and speakers are leaders in nurse anesthesia and it was dynamic and informative. - Charleston LIVE Webinar 2020

— Gayle Ridgway, DNP CRNA - Savannah, GA

I attended the conference in Naples, Florida. I can honestly say the amount of effort to make sure all of the participants were safe and that we all got our credits was phenomenal. I have never experienced this before at a conference and will definitely recommend this company to others. Thanks again guys, and see you soon. - Naples CPC Exam Review and Naples & Everglades National Park Escape 2020

— Janice Plyler, CRNA - Kathleen, GA

I am a first-time attendee. I think this was one of the most relevant conferences I’ve attended. I went to a CPC Review Course and loved the new info as well as basic, which I hadn’t visited in years! So pertinent in tweaking my everyday practice. The conference was at the onset of COVID. Our individual tables spaced nicely apart was a great idea. I will definitely be attending another. - Naples CPC Exam Review 2020, Naples, FL

— Vivian McCoart, CRNA, Milford, Ma

Once again Encore Symposiums and (Nancy) have outdone themselves! This was an exceptional meeting as usual! This was especially true considering the conference was at the start of the whole Coronavirus. They were so conscientious about social distancing and cleanliness along with the speakers being excellent! See Encore Symposium again soon! - Naples & Everglades National Park Escape 2020, Naples, FL.

— Twyla Landess, CRNA - Chapin, SC

Nancy, the seminar was great in Palm Springs. Enjoyed all the CRNA speakers and topics. I have already instituted into my practice some of the knowledge I learned in the sessions. Look forward to returning and also attending a CPC Review course. The meeting was well organized and enjoyed meeting fellow CRNAs. - Palm Springs' Oasis in the Desert 2020, Palm Springs, CA

— Patricia Ljubic, CRNA - Saint Clair Shores, MI

I am a first-time attendee and was very impressed with both the seminar and the setting. The lectures were excellent and well-grounded in current practice. The hotel was first class with a superb support staff that went out of their way to make the stay special. I will definitely be using you for my CEs in the future. Thanks for the good experience. - A Taste of New Orleans 2020, New Orleans, LA

— Tim McFarland CRNA - Durant, OK

This was my first experience of going to an Encore Symposium. I attended both the NOLA seminars in 2020. The speakers were fantastic! The hotel was wonderful. Everyone was really nice, professional, and caring. I will definitely attend another on Encore class. - New Orleans Encore CPC Review 2020 and A Taste of New Orleans 2020

— Pamela McClenahan, CRNA - Edwardsville , IL

I did the CPC Review and the Sedona Red Rock & Grand Canyon Program on November 2-7. Sedona is an absolutely beautiful location for a fall conference. It was wonderful to have time to socialize with other CRNAs and their spouses. Nancy and her staff at Encore provide a professional and well-run Symposium!!! The topics were applicable and informative. The speakers were very knowledgable, friendly, approachable, interactive, and presented their topics clearly. The CPC review was a well thought out review. Yes, I knew the majority of the information presented, but it never hurts to review the anesthesia information with the CPC examination happening in the next few years. I am looking forward to my next Encore Symposium Program! - Sedona Red Rock & Grand Canyon Adventure 2019.

— Anonymous CRNA

Hi Nancy, My name is Bryan Vissat and I first off want to thank you and everyone at Encore Symposiums for selecting me for the SRNA scholarship this year! I am beyond excited to start my career and also take this great opportunity to advance my practice by attending one of your conferences. I have decided to use my scholarship complimentary tuition to attend the Bar Harbor conference in October of 2020. - Student Graduate Scholarship Award 2019, SRNA

— Bryan Vissat, SRNA, University of Akron Ohio Anesthesia Program, Pewaukee, WI

I just attended the New England at The Cliff House 2019 Symposium and it was fantastic! Fantastic information! Great location! First Class all the way! Well worth it! - New England at the Cliff House 2019, Cape Neddick, ME

— Joe Skinner, CRNA - Rawlins, WY

Hi Nancy, Well, you did it again. This was my 6th Encore Symposium and every one has been at a great location. I do have to say that Maine was such a delight and has moved into first place for me. I loved the weather, scenery and the peaceful sounds of the ocean. What a perfect backdrop to hear spectacular speakers who had a wealth of knowledge and information. Love the balance of both Pediatric and Adult focused lectures. Looking forward to my next Encore experience. Thank you for what you do to make these meetings so enjoyable!!! - New England at the Cliff House 2019, Cape Neddick, ME

— Patty Durchsprung, CRNA - Franklin, TN

Hi Nancy, This was my first time at an Encore Symposium. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. All of the speakers did a fantastic job of updating and reinforcing current practices. I will be passing along the information to my coworkers many of the things we covered. This will not be my last Encore event. I will definitely be doing another conference with you! - Naples CPC Review and Naples & Everglades National Park 2019, Naples, FL

— Joseph Liebenrood, CRNA - Carterville, IL

I always enjoy Encores seminars but this seminar was exceptionally spectacular with the NBCRNA reviews! Speakers were excellent and knowledgeable. I forgot how much I didn’t remember so it’s a good refresher. What I also like is that the seminars are given by CRNA ‘S and not physicians!!! Sincerely, Sandy Rosado CRNA - Naples CPC Review and Naples & Everglades National Park 2019

— Sandy Rosado, CRNA - St. Petersburg, FL

Knowledgeable friendly speakers with enormous experience. Great location! - Naples & Everglades National Park 2019

— Catherine Amico, CRNA - Wantagh, NY

I just wanted to tell you what a great experience we had. Everything... the venue, content, speakers, refreshments.....really first class!!! We will definitely be back. - A Taste of New Orleans 2019

— Sherrie Hardman, CRNA - Charlotte, NC

This was an excellent conference, not only for the location but the content was exceptional. The schedule allowed for personal time but maximized the learning experience. Encore staff was very organized and open to assisting participants in fulfilling conference and personal needs. The opening reception was wonderful: we saw SATURN!!! I will definitely consider an Encore Symposium in the future. - Sedona Red Rock & Grand Canyon Encore Adventure 2018

— Rebecca Johnson, CRNA, APNP - Fort Atkinson, WI

I thoroughly enjoyed your fall meeting at Bar Harbor. The speakers were excellent. The accommodations were first class, and as always the reception was outstanding. Plenty of time for exploring as well. - Bar Harbor Acadia National Park 2018

— Jack Decker, CRNA - Port Austin, MI

Nancy, I recently attended an Encore meeting in Newport, RI. I am impressed with the Encore meetings as the speakers are interesting and are current in their topics. I attended your seminar in Cape Neddick, Maine last year and was excited to attend another Encore seminar this year. The Evening welcoming gathering is a nice way to meet other CRNAs attending the meeting. The breakfast each morning is also wonderful. I have enjoyed the afternoons free for site seeing as the locations of the Encore meetings are places to combine vacation with an annual seminar. Thank you, Nancy, for your time and efforts to provide excellent seminars. - Newport Mansions Fall Foliage 2018

— Lori Allen, CRNA - Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Hi Nancy! I just wanted to thank you again for an AWESOME meeting in Charleston. All of the speakers were great-they all spoke on timely, relevant topics & kept the crowd engaged with humor & group interaction. I brought my CRNA friend with me this week it was her 1st ENCORE meeting & she was totally impressed! I have been to at least seven ENCORE meetings over the years & I don't really care to look any further. Your meetings are in cool places with the best speakers & you pay such close attention to detail from the meeting venue itself to the food served to the selection of topics. Everything is top-notch & what I feel is the best deal for the money spent. I always recommend ENCORE to my CRNA colleagues. - Charleston Harborfront Sanctuary 2018

— Jill Whiteside, CRNA - Macomb, IL

I never attended an Encore Symposium event prior to this year. It has to be my favorite hands down! It is possibly the only symposium that I actually listened to from start to finish. I have found that other conferences tend to just gloss over material with monotone speakers. Also, having a half-day seminar allows time for relaxation and site seeing. I love this group! - Charleston Harbor-Front Sanctuary 2018

— J. Schertz, CRNA - Candia, NH

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for another great conference. When choosing my annual meeting to attend, I always look to Encore first. I have enjoyed each one I've attended & been very impressed with the topics as well as presenters. They are always current & interesting. Your recent meeting in Naples was spectacular. Not only was the setting beautiful, but the delicious breakfast was something to look forward to each morning. I enjoyed the conference & will definitely look to Encore again next year. Thanks again. - Naples & Everglades National Park 2018

— Heather H, CRNA - Fenton, MI

Nancy, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing a wonderful CPC Review this past weekend. The facility was beautiful, and your instructors were spot-on with the type of information needed to pass the CPC practice exam on the first attempt. That quality of review will do a lot to relieve some of the anxiety associated with this test. - Sun & Sand 33 by the Sea: NBCRNA/CPC Review 2018

— Brenda Andexler, CRNA - Cleveland, Ohio

Thank you for all of your efforts in bringing excellent and relevant anesthesia updates to a venue that is comfortable and fun to visit. I attended your seminar in Sedona Arizona and came away feeling as if I learned new information, reinforced tried and true techniques and came away feeling rejuvenated. The Sedona Hilton was a perfect place to stay; close to the attractions of the area, a great place to play golf, very good food at the restaurant as well as what was provided for the conference and the accommodations were lovely. I enjoyed the dynamic speakers you had and I came away with some great new ideas to incorporate into my everyday practice. - Sedona Red Rock & Grand Canyon 2017 Experience

— Barbara Schneider, CRNA - Minneapolis, MN

Great location with topics relevant to current practice and dynamic speakers to bring them to life. This particular meeting attracted a fully engaged audience of CRNAs eager to learn and participate. Overall, a great experience. Value for the money: Nancy puts her heart into finding the best locations and then putting together a program that causes attendees too want to attend every session. If you are combining vacation with education, you can’t do much better than this. - Discover Cape Cod 2017

— Thomas Davis, MS, CRNA - Ellicott City, MD

Thank you for a GREAT conference, and beautiful venue for the meeting. It was my first Encore meeting, and what a way to experience one with this one being such a celebratory event! The speakers were all very informative, and for the 1st time in a while, was able to bring back much information to share with colleagues. I look forward to attending another one soon. - Autumn in New England at the Cliff House 2017

— Jeff Bauman CRNA, MS - Mobile, AL

Wow! Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic learning experience in Maine! The location could not have been more beautiful! And, as always, your presenters were top-notch speakers with great content to share! I wish you congratulations on 35 years and look forward to many more conferences with your group! - Autumn in New England at the Cliff House Resort & Spa 2017

— Maureen Prokopius, CRNA - Chagrin Falls, OH

The conference I attended at the cliff house in Maine was great. All the speakers were very current on the information they presented. The facility was beautiful. The view was incredible. The spa was so nice, I really enjoyed it. I had a wonderful time there. I will recommend and attend your conference in the future. Thank you. - Autumn in New England at the Cliff House 2017

— Jennifer Chung, CRNA - Reston, VA

Dear Nancy, I just spoke with you about the SC Seminar this evening, and we had a wonderful talk about how I wish Encore would offer seminars outside the US. I cannot tell you how many times I have looked up your seminars (every year!!!), hoping you offered one in another country, and I hear this from so many CRNAs. I am an avid traveler and supporter of CRNAs. People truly are looking for adventure and a meaningful connection to other people, and we need that today. The world is such an amazing place, just like the US. I am a CRNA, and run a construction business with my husband, and also our rental property business. I run it with a lot of pride and quality, as you do with Encore. I see the same qualities. So good to talk with you! I'm off to Africa in a few weeks. If nothing else, I want to commend you on a job, so well done with Encore!!! It really shows. I recommend your seminars to everyone! Thanks so much for promoting the amazing work CRNAs do. Truly, unsung heroes in anesthesia. - Bar Harbor, ME and Sante Fe, NM

— Kirsten Phillips, CRNA - Columbia, MO

By far one of the best conferences I've attended in 14 years! I didn't want to miss a single lecture. Speakers were engaging, knowledgeable and entertaining. Thank you! - Spring on Hilton Head Island 2017

— Deborah Frum, CRNA - Chareston, WV

I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting as well as the speakers. The topics were especially relevant to me and were presented by energetic speakers. The location was exceptional and I enjoyed the resort atmosphere. Thanks for another great conference. I’ll be back next year! - Palm Springs' Oasis in the Desert 2017

— Jack Decker, CRNA - Port Austin, MI

The Palm Springs meeting was a pleasant meeting located in a beautiful area of CA. The lectures were informative providing up to date information on topics of interest to many CRNAs. I so enjoyed the hiking opportunities within 5 minutes of the hotel as well as a biking excursion which took us to a beautiful region noted for agriculture in the area. The hotel was terrific. Thank you for providing a well-run meeting. - Palm Springs' Oasis in the Desert 2017

— Susan Ryan, CRNA - Zumbrota, MN

I just want to thank you for the great lecture series that I attended in Naples. The speakers were well informed and knowledgeable. I especially enjoyed Mark Welliver, very engaging speaker! I work in the Labor and Delivery department for the past 8 years and the OB lecture still felt fresh and informative. - Naples & Everglade National Park 2017

— Wendy Gibson, CRNA - Miramar, FL

Just a note to thank you for another wonderful symposium. Always enjoy attending. Not only is it informative but also fun and relaxing at great settings. I look forward to another get together next year. Thanks again. You and your staff are incredible. You do a stellar job. - Naples & Everglade National Park 2017

— Ken Harding, CRNA - Madison, IN

Great experience! Group was very accommodating....I requested to join the Regional seminar on Sunday, 11/6 (the day of the seminar) and was allowed to entered without a hitch. The entire seminar was fulfilling .... all the quarters (hotel, rooms, classroom venue, the food, etc)....Friendly, warm and personable..from the staff to the instructors. Great meeting! Location, great. Allowed for personal sightseeing and touring, etc. Hope to see you again. Thanks!! - Sedona Ultrasound Workshop 2016

— Loretta Gaither, CRNA - Chattanooga, TN

Nancy and Encore staff, Thank you for the incredible conference. The topics, even though not all were applicable to my practice, were engaging and insightful. The presenters at the conference had a depth of knowledge that went beyond the surface of their topics. Appreciated the time they took to answers questions and clarify points. I will be seeing you soon. - Sedona, AZ 2016

— Gretchen Drangeid, CRNA - Excelsior, MN

I've been to a lot of conferences over the years, in nice locations. It's usually torture to sit in a great location and endure the same old tired subjects. Your Bar Harbor conference was different! The reception on Sunday with a mentalsit to warm us up, great idea! The subject material and the presenters kept me there for every lecture! I've never done that before! You left enough time for me to enjoy my favorite past time hiking in a great location like Acadia National Park. Thank you! - Bar Harbor, ME 2016

— Edward F Sayres, CRNA - Reading, PA

I have to admit I elected to attend the Symposium mainly because of its beautiful location (Bar Harbor), so imagine how pleased I was to be rewarded with fascinating lectures that were very relevant to my practice! The speakers were extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their subject matter. I was never bored! I have already recommended the seminar to many of my co-workers. Thanks for a wonderful experience! - Bar Harbor 2016

— Margaret Tierney - Scottsdale, AZ

I have been to many anesthesia conferences and I must say, my experience with Encore Bar Harbor was one of my most memorable! Besides having some of the best authorities in anesthesia to share their knowledge, the Encore conference schedule allowed the participants to enjoy the beauty and hospitality of the area. I will definitely attend another Encore sponsored symposium! - Bar Harbor 2016

— Alesia Ricks, CRNA - Beaufort, SC

The mornings spent in the conference were beyond my expectations. The speakers Encore Symposiums brought in were amazing; I could listen to them talk all day! The presentations were a great review and I feel more than updated on the latest hot topics. It was a great experience for me to attend an ALL CRNA conference. I met so many CRNAs from all over the country. I feel empowered for our profession! The afternoons my husband and I were able to spend together hiking, eating lobster rolls, lobster bisque, and tried blueberry pie for the first time!! (delicious!) It was a memorable trip, and a nice get-a-way for the hubby and I. Can't wait for next year! Thank you for putting on such a great conference in a beautiful location. - Bar Harbor, ME 2016

— Allison Hinkle, CRNA - Omaha, NE

This was my first time to Maine, it is beautiful in October! The venue and accommodations were standard Encore excellence. I enjoyed all of the speakers and topics. I have heard Chuck Biddle speak at previous conferences and he is a top notch speaker that I always enjoy. I look forward to future Encore symposiums and I always recommend Encore to my colleagues. - Bar Harbor, ME 2016

— Tammy Skidmore, CRNA, APRN, MSNA - Middleton, ID

This was my second anesthesia conference with Encore. I am truly a fan of this vendor and will attend more in future. Nancy, thank you for what you do at Encore. I Look forward to next conference. - Hilton Head Island 2016

— Barbara Quist, CRNA - Denver, CO

I only attended one day as I didn't need any credits at the time. However, I found this conference to be one of the best I have ever attended. The speakers were great...informative and not a bit boring! I also booked a hotel in town thinking it would be more fun and the reviews of the Harbor Resort were so-so. I made a mistake there as well. The hotel was lovely and I liked the location and amenities much better! We live and learn. I will follow your conferences from now on and I referred my colleagues as well. Thank you. - Charleston, SC 2016

— Donna Burns, CRNA - Marlton, NJ

The Conference at Hilton Head was wonderful. The speakers were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their topics. It was wonderful meeting CRNAs from different parts of the country. Furthermore, the location was amazing. I will go with Encore for my educational needs. - Hilton Head Island 2016

— Klariza Robles Buda, CRNA - Horseheads, NY

Thursday evening, at the reception, I joined a group of people that I've never met. They asked me what VIP on my name tag meant. I told them this was my 3rd meeting I attended with Encore and I continued to share with them my experiences. I sang the praises of Nancy and the wonderful meetings you provide. The content of information and the speakers always amazes me. I talked about the evening reception, the breakfasts and breaks provided. But I also talked how genuine and approachable you are. The presenters at the meeting were phenomenal! I felt as if I couldn't absorb enough of their information. I learned so much, that I can't wait to get back to work to apply it all! My next meeting will be with Encore again. Thanks for the superior education and fabulous location! - Hilton Head Island 2016

— Melissa Brudwick, CRNA - Rochester, MN

This is my fourth Encore meeting and I am never disappointed. I always find a speaker I really enjoy. The locations are great. So keep it up and I will see you again in the future. - Charleston 2016

— Kathleen Gibbons, CRNA - Rocky River, OH

This was my second anesthesia conference with Encore. I am truly a fan of this vendor and will attend more in future. I enjoyed the Sedona conference more 2/2 pre-conference star gazing and wine get together.

— Barbara Quist, CRNA - Denver, CO

I've been to several Encore conferences. They put on a great conference. All the speakers are excellent and have a lot of information pertinent to my practice. Nancy does an excellent job!! Destinations are awesome and the hotels are beautiful. Always look forward to trying different places. - Cape Neddick, Maine 2015

— Sandy Hebenthal, DNAP, CRNA, - Latrobe, PA

I enjoyed the conference I've already changed my practice regarding avoiding narcotics and all the associated side effects. I liked the fact that I got practical tips relevant to my practice. Thanks again for a great conference in a beautiful hotel. - Coronado Bay 2015

— John Noldin, CRNA - Greenbay, WI

After looking at Encore Symposiums for years, I finally went to the Cape Cod Symposium in Oct. 2015. It was an excellent meeting, with great speakers and topics. Of course what make your symposiums so great is the locations that they are held at. Already looking ahead to which one I will go to next. Thanks again for a great meeting. - Cape Cod 2015

— Rick Dahl, CRNA - Deluth, MN

Thank you, this was a great conference. All of the topics an lectures were relevant and useful in our practice. I especially enjoyed Zinder's presentations. I had heard from a partner about him. So it was great to hear him in person. - AzANA Sun & Fun 2015

— Layne Summers, CRNA - Tremonton, UT

I really enjoyed the meeting that I went to last year in Sedona, Arizona. I thought the subject matter was great, especially the information on billing in anesthesia. Sedona is such a beautiful location, I'd love to attend again! - Sedona 2015

— Dana Forgaciu, CRNA - Rochester Hills, MI

I greatly enjoyed the Encore Sedona Symposium. Topics were relevant to my practice and presenters did a great job. Accommodations were excellent and location very relaxing. I will attend Encore Symposiums in the future and highly recommend it! Thank you for attention to all details! Breakfast and refreshments were excellent! - Sedona, AZ 2014

— Viktoria Bartusov, CRNA - Fisco, TX

This was my 4th Encore Symposium and I can't say enough good things about all of them!... My family always wants to come along because your meetings are in such cool places!... Thanks for always putting together a 5-star meeting! Encore has spoiled me-I will continue to choose your meetings because of my repeated all-around awesome experiences! - Hilton Head 2014

— Jill Whiteside, CRNA - Macomb, IL

The AZANA conference hosted by Encore Symposium definitely provided information that will influence my practice to improve the quality of anesthesia care. The hands on workshop for the Ultrasound guided nerve blocks was excellent. Very experienced instructors who were very willing to impart their knowledge and skill upon the participants. - Scottsdale 2013

— Michael Munger, CRNA - Brocton, NY

I want to compliment you on another outstanding symposium. We have been fortunate (my wife and I are both CRNAs) to attend three of your meetings over the last few years and have never been disappointed either in the location or the content of these symposiums. If there is ever a doubt, we always lean toward one of your meetings because it is guaranteed to consist of useful material and a wonderful location. Thank you again for the wonderful experiences as a result of your professional organization. - Naples 2013

— Phillip Zulick, CRNA - Huntersville, NC

I have had great CE experiences with Encore Symposiums for the past 4 years! I have found the speakers to be knowledgeable and the presentations worthwhile. I have enjoyed the comfortable accommodations at the various destinations, as well as the optional activities offered during free time. I look forward to meeting new peers while expanding my knowledge base at future Encore locations. - Glacier 2012

— Nancy Sklenka, CRNA - Cleveland, OH

This is my second time attending an Encore Symposium. My family and I really enjoyed Memphis and all of the family friendly things to do. The course schedule is such a convenient way to balance education and fun! Our presenters also provided us with useful information. Can't wait until next year! - Memphis 2012

— Stephanie Dever, CRNA - Ravenna, OH

I recently attended the San Diego seminar. It was one of the best meetings I have attended. Not only was the location enjoyable, but I realize that Encore Symposiums will go to great lengths to make sure every aspect of the seminar measures up to your expectations. I am already planning on the 2012 Naples, FL seminar. - San Diego 2011

— Christina Rasor, CRNA - West Chester, OH

The best provider of CRNA continuing education. I'll always try to make my yearly meeting an Encore Symposium event due to the quality of the presentations, the quality of the venues, and the top-notch facilities chosen. - Sedona 2011

— Greg Krauth, CRNA - Crescent, IA

Just attended the Seattle conference and have this to say: The location picked was excellent. The hotel was excellent and the service of the staff was great.The topics were pertinent and the speakers were enthusiastic. All around a great conference experience. - Seattle 2011

— Stephen Pajerski, CRNA - Wilmington, NC

Your conference was one of the best that I have attended in quite sometime. The speakers were excellent. The conference was very organized and on point. The reception at the hotel was inviting and warm, the location looking out on Santa Fe was wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised on each conference day with excellent presenters and great food. I will be attending more of you anesthesia conferences in the near future. - Santa Fe 2010

— Jenny Beauregard, CRNA - Detroit, MI

I just wanted to thank you for a very enjoyable conference in Sonoma. Everything was wonderful! Food during the conference and reception was awesome. Speakers were excellent. You did a great job putting everything together. I am looking forward to attending my next Encore Symposium and would definitely recommend it to anyone. - Wine Country 2010

— Krista Joll, CRNA - Monongahela, PA

After attending five (5) Encore Symposium anesthesia seminars, I can personally attest to the high caliber of material and excellence of individual presenters. Equally exciting are the outstanding venues selected by the organizers. Each site is recognized as a major destination and the accommodations and activities are first rate. - Wine Country 2009


This was hands down the best seminar I have attended. Mexico was beautiful and the hotel was exceptional. The organization of this seminar and the food was truly wonderful. The lecturers were by far the most interesting and knowledgeable that I have encountered in quite some time. Thanks for a wonderful, memorable vacation & seminar. - Puerto Vallarta 2008

— Amy Willocks, CRNA - Blountville, TN

Encore Symposiums are better than an Encore. They deserve a standing ovation. The educational meetings provide a unique blend of educational opportunities. The educational lectures are filled with current and insightful information that is presented by highly motivated and well qualified professionals. But what makes Encore Symposiums a step above the rest are the golden opportunities to relax, learn, and explore the spectacular settings that surround the meeting venues. It just doesn't get any better. - Grand Tetons 2007

— John B. Martin, CRNA - Catoosa, OK

This was a great meeting. I really enjoyed it and the topics were presented well. I've been in this business over thirty years and have attended many meetings and this was one of the best. I really liked the way it was broken up into half-day sessions allowing time to enjoy the area. - Sedona 2007

— Roy Cooper CRNA - Tuba City, AZ

I attended the symposium in Bar Harbor and it was just absolutely awesome. We really enjoyed it! It was probably one the the best meetings I've ever been to. I'm not a real vacation type of guy; but, that was one of one of the vacations/ meetings I've attended in the last 15-17 years. I did not want to return home. That says volumes... - Bar Harbor 2006

— James Padgett, Jr., CRNA - Macomb, OH

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how very much we enjoyed our train ride through the Rockies - it was even better than we ever dreamed it would be! The scenery was spectacular, the accommodations were fantastic, and the food was awesome! The attendees made up a wonderfully diverse group resulting in many new friendships. - Canadian Rockies by Rail 2006

— Kris Gosling, CRNA - Sewanee, TN

Spectacular natural beauty and outstanding weather make the perfect backdrop. Add family, friendly extracurricular activities intertwined with a practical, meaningful educational seminar presented by knowledgeable providers, and you have the thoroughly enjoyable experience of Encore Symposium's Glacier National Park Seminar. Wonderful experience! - Glacier 2005

— Jeanne Steele, CRNA - Verona, KY