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The Encore Story – 40 Years of Success!

Encore Symposiums, Inc. was founded in 1983 to provide continuing education to anesthesia providers in unique and exciting destinations. Each Encore Symposium is designed to educate and support the continuing education of the nurse anesthetist. The core faculty consists of primarily CRNAs whose focus is the development and advancement of anesthesia knowledge and practice in the nurse anesthesia profession. Encore Symposiums consistently include a well-balanced schedule of topics strategically aligned with the NBCRNA Core Modules to ensure that the anesthesia provider will be well prepared for the CPC examination process. Encore Symposiums guarantee the anesthesia provider that all lectures meet the new required CPC Class A requirements as set forth by the NBCRNA.

Through the years, we have developed a predominantly CRNA faculty that is dedicated to sharing knowledge directly pertaining to the challenges facing nurse anesthesia practice today. Presentations are pertinent, up-to-date, applicable to clinical anesthesia practice, and focused on an all-CRNA audience.

Encore has earned and continues to live up to its name… leading the way as a pioneer in discovering the most sought-after destinations such as Sedona, Bar Harbor, Cape Cod, Naples, Palm Springs, Hilton Head Island, Charleston, and more. Encore is proud to be the founder of the CPC Exam Review. The CPC Exam Review was introduced in Naples, FL in March of 2018, and now is offered in nine locations across the US.

Attendees enjoy a well-planned itinerary conducive to learning that also allows the opportunity for sightseeing, adventure, and relaxation. When you attend an Encore Symposium, you are guaranteed ample time to visit and experience the location at our three and four-day locations. The CPC Exam Review is available as a two-day weekend review and beginning in December of 2022, a three-half-day review providing more time to enjoy the destination.

We realize that the anesthesia provider's time is a precious commodity. Our pledge is to create the best educational experience and a memorable one.

Encore Symposiums and Virtual Offerings!

Due to a lack of interest in the virtual platform, live-streamed options are presently on hold.

CPC Exam Ready?

As the nurse anesthetists' needs have changed, Encore has led the way in ensuring that the educational sessions are CPC Module and Examination focused. Encore Symposiums designs each program schedule with the focus of integrating lecture relevancy to the four CORE Modules and the future NBCRNA/CPC Exam.

The NBCRNA recertification cycle is in full swing and Encore Symposiums is leading the way in preparing you for the NBCRNA/CPC Exam. We are proud to be a pioneer, introducing the Encore CPC Review Course in multiple destinations!

Enjoy this dynamic and lively prep course that will lead you to a successful CPC exam! On day one, receive the latest NBCRNA / CPC Update provided by an NBCRNA representative. On day two, enjoy a fun-filled interactive bonus hour "CPC Jeopardy: Making it Across the Finish Line Safely". Team up with your colleagues and reflect on the knowledge gained during a relaxing weekend!

Utilizing interactive technology, this two-day review is offered before our four-day conferences. This engaging, collaborative course offers a warm and low-stress learning environment. The CPC review course is strategically designed to align with the learning objectives of the NBCRNA Core Modules; Airway Management, Applied Clinical Pharmacology, Human Physiology/Pathophysiology, and Anesthesia Equipment & Technology. The review course will enable the learner to successfully prepare to meet the challenges of the CPC Exam from the novice to the seasoned anesthesia provider.

Are you on Active Duty serving in the US Military?

Please contact us for further details at or call (877) ESCRNAS.

Are you an SRNA?

Encore Offers Special Anesthesia Student Rates on Select Seminars!

In support of SRNAs entering the worthy field of nurse anesthesia, Encore Symposiums is offering heavily discounted rates to anesthesia students.

We are looking forward to better assisting our future anesthetists in their educational endeavors! Encore accepts a limited amount of students at a discounted rate of $400. The number of students accepted at each symposium will be based on meeting space availability.

To register as a student, simply select the seminar of your choice, and click the "Register As Student" button located on the overview page.

View a complete list of discounted symposiums available for SRNAs.

2024 Update

Due to popular demand, Encore has added a new 3-day CPC Exam Review Destination... San Antonio, March 23-25, 2024

Continuing Education Seminars for CRNAs