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Logan MacLean, DNP, CRNA

Dr. Logan MacLean is a CRNA in the Penn Medicine Health System as well as a clinical educator at the University of Pennsylvania. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania where he received his nursing degree from the School of Nursing as well as a business degree from the Wharton School, focusing on Health Care Management and Policy as well as Finance.

Dr. MacLean worked at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania in the Pediatric ICU prior to returning to Penn for his anesthesia training. During his career, he has focused on both research and business, publishing on topics including the nursing workforce shortage, managerial concerns during ICU floor mergers, and CRNA efficacy as well as working with the Wharton school performing pro-bono consulting for non-profit healthcare companies.

Katherine Meuti, DNP, CRNA

Katherine Meuti, DNP, CRNA has been a certified registered nurse anesthetist since 2008 and has been residing in Jacksonville, FL for the past 10 years. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of the Anesthesiology Nursing Program at the University of North Florida. She also practices as a CRNA at several clinical sites in the Jacksonville area, including the Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville.

After graduating with her BSN from Bowling Green State University in 2002, Kathy worked as a pediatric intensive care nurse in Tampa, Florida. In 2005, she moved to Cincinnati, OH, to pursue her master’s education in nurse anesthesiology. After completion, she took a faculty position at the University of Cincinnati nurse anesthesia program and later became the Assistant Director/Clinical.

In 2012, her family moved her to Jacksonville, FL, where she started off working as a CRNA at local hospitals before deciding to specialize in Obstetric Anesthesia in 2014. Shortly after, she pursued her Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree. Once graduated in 2017, she accepted a faculty position at the University of North Florida and has been there since. She started off as the Coordinator of Clinical Education and has now moved to be the Assistant Director.

Her areas of interest include pharmacology, obstetric anesthesia, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

Ryan Shores, DNP, CRNA

Ryan Shores, CRNA, DNP is a certified registered nurse anesthetist with 15 years of experience. Ryan is an Assistant Professor and Director of the University of North Florida Anesthesiology Nursing Program. He currently serves as a staff CRNA at multiple clinical sites in Jacksonville, Florida.

In 2002, he received his ASN from Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Florida, and after two years of RN ICU work, he attended Florida International University for which he earned his MSN in 2006. He received his DNP from the University of North Florida in 2015. He has held a faculty position at UNF for 14 years.

Dr. Shores’s DNP project focused on cost reduction utilizing low flow inhalational anesthesia. His primary topic for publications is in the area of pharmacology. He has chaired and participated in over 35 student oral and poster presentations at the AANA annual congress. He has been lecturing at state, national, and international conferences for the past twelve years.

Dr. Shores is a dynamic speaker who believes that conference attendees bring experience and knowledge to the event. His teaching style includes an emphasis on audience participation and input. His areas of focus include pharmacology, chemistry and physics, regional anesthesia, neuromuscular monitoring, and trauma.

Mark Talon, DNP, MSN, CRNA

Dr. Mark Talon is a graduate of the University of Texas Nurse Anesthetist program and an alumnus of the inaugural class for Doctorate in Nursing Practice at Texas Christian University in 2009. He is a clinical coordinator for Shriners Hospital, Texas Christian University Nurse Anesthetist program. Past, Director of the Texas Board of Nurse Anesthetist. Nominated to the AANA Resolutions Committee 08/2016 to 08/2017 and currently serving on the AANA Bylaws Committee.

As the Chief Nurse Anesthetist for Shriners Burn Hospital for Children in Galveston he is actively involved in the peri-anesthetic and ICU care of critically ill pediatric patients resulting from burns, trauma and other related disorders. Mark is also actively involved in critical care research involving the resuscitation, monitoring, and ventilation of critical and unstable patients. He has the privilege of being published in journals such as Anesthesia and Analgesia, Journal of Burns, and as a coauthor in the textbook of Total Burn Care.

Kimberly Westra, CRNA, DNP, MSN, APRN, MBAc

Kimberly Westra CRNA, MS, DNP, is a certified registered nurse anesthetist with 21 years of experience and a faculty member of the University of Pennsylvania. She began her career in Baltimore, Maryland with experience as a critical care nurse at Johns Hopkins University. Kimberly is the Chief Nurse Anesthetist at Tidal Health Regional Medical Center in Maryland. Kimberly is the clinical site coordinator at Tidal Health, Johns Hopkins Nurse Anesthesia, University of Maryland Nurse Anesthesia, and Old Dominion University.

Dr. Westra is a doctoral graduate of Chatham University and is an MBA candidate in Healthcare Finance and Administration at Patten University. She is a member of the Sigma Theta Tau honor society at Chatham and serves in the mentoring program for advanced practice nurses.

Mrs. Westra’s extensive clinical experience includes her role as an RNFA, CNOR, and CPAN. She specializes in difficult airway program development within healthcare networks. Dr. Westra is a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania Nurse Anesthesia Program. Kimberly teaches both didactic and hands-on simulation labs to the interdisciplinary team.

Westra is a dynamic and energetic speaker who engages audiences with lively discussions on numerous topics such as CPC Exam Review, Cardiac Anesthesia, Pediatrics, and a variety of anesthesia core concepts. Kimberly speaks locally and nationally on anesthesia clinical topics and healthcare business management.